For Hospitals


NEVPC offers palliative care, a medical specialty that provides high-quality, cost effective management of the growing population of patients with debilitating, chronic diseases and life-threatening illness. Hospital based palliative care programs provide systematic treatment of pain, distressing symptoms, and patient stress, resulting in improved benefits such as:

  • Better Clinical Outcomes: Numerous studies show palliative care relieves pain and distressing symptoms in all stages of illness, helps patients and their families with difficult decision making, and helps patients complete life-prolonging or curative treatments.
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction: Qualitative research indicates that palliative care increases patient and family satisfaction with the respective hospital or healthcare system teams. Patients are more likely to report higher satisfaction scores when their unique goals and comfort are aligned with the medical treatments they receive.

How does Palliative Care Consultation Service help hospitals?

  • NEVPC Palliative care programs lead to more appropriate use of hospital resources. Through coordinated care and goal setting with the patient and family, palliative care programs facilitate transitions between care settings, decrease length of hospital and ICU stays, lower costs, and increase capacity.
  • Improved Staff Retention: Palliative care improves staff retention and morale by supporting doctors and nurses in the care of complex patients and their needs.